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25lb Stem & Leaf Mandarin

When the stem & leaves are attached they make an extra lovely fruit bowl ornament and you can gauge how fresh they are by the vivid color and overall condition of the leaves and stem.

25lb Stem and Leaf Satsuma Mandarins

First shot of the year, yay! Let those green leaves be a testament to the freshness of these wonderful mandarins

27lb Organic Cosmic Crisp

Cosmic Crisp is the dream apple with the perfect flavor and texture balance, longest storage, and natural resistance to browning. Cosmic Crisp® apples are large, juicy, and red. It's the apple with am...

27lb Organic Envy Apple

The Envy apple is a mostly red with yellow specks. The peel is fairly thick and tough. The flesh is pale yellow. It is a sweet apple with low acid and a slightly flowery taste.

38lb Jumbo "Victor" Navel

“Johnston Farms and our Victor brand focus on being the best tasting high-quality citrus. Our oranges and grapefruit are double graded for quality,”

38lb Tree Ripened Navel Oranges

Oranges are one of the most nutritious fruits out there. Besides the immense amount of health benefits that they contain, oranges are also extremely delicious. Check out the many amazing health benefi...

40lb Organic Fuji

Amazingly Amazing New Crop Organic Fuji's! Perfect for cooking, juicing, or good 'ol crushing with your teeth. Throw'em in the kid's lunch or gift some to the neighbors for ultimate block status upgra...

Caruso Produce Gift Card

You be the wholesaler! Give the joy of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables!

Conventional Mixed Fruit/Veg Box

Approx 22-25lb Let us choose for you the very best seasonal fruits and vegetables that a bushel box can hold. Produce so fresh it hasn't even been to the grocery store yet.

Local Organic Nectarines!

24lb's of the best our local summer has to offer!